Explore an Organic Farm.

Learn about organic farming with our unique farm tour of a diversified family farm.

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Farm Tours and Custom Farm Programs

Learn About Organic Farming and Horse Powered Agriculture

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Visit a sustainable and diversified family farm. Your farm guide will guide you around the farm and share with you kowledge about what it takes to grow vegatables, poultry and flowers in a 100% natural way without the use of any chemicals. Let All Earth Eco Tours design a program for your group. We recently hosted over 40 families with Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth, and we have provided custom programs for youth groups, girl scouts, after school programs and more.

Available Custom Programs and Activities

We design full day custom programs for groups of up to 100+. Our most popular program is a four activity day of fun, art, challenge and education.

Sample of a full day multi-learning station day of adventure! Group breaks into 4 sub groups and during the day you rotate between activitiy stations and fun learning adventures. Everyone joined at lunch for a healthy organic meal.

  • Organic Farming Tour and Demo - Learn about seed to fruit and the techniques used in growing healthy organic foods.
  • Yoga in nature - Explore the healthy techniques of yaoga. Stretch, breath and relax with a 90 minute yoga session in the relaxing beauty of nature.
  • Team Survivor - Each team has 90 minutes to solve clues, navigate with a compass and maps and set up a survival camp.
  • Earth Art - Transplant a plant, decorate a special flower pot and take it home with you.

Learn about Shittake Mushroom Cultivation
You will see the streamside cultivation of shittake mushrooms. Learn about the preparation of the oak logs, and the inculation of spores. You will see the production in action and may even be able to sample soem mushrooms.

See a Demonstration of Horse Powered Agriculture
Max will harness up one of his two teams of draft horses and show you how they work the fields and do work around the farm. You will learn about the training and care of heavy draft animals..

Take A Woods Walk
Take a walk through the woods and meet Brother Bear and learn about the woods, water and creatures.

Learn about Field Raised Poultry
Chickens are raised with mobile hen houses that are moved all over the farm to provide adequate natural forage for the birds. The eggs (available for purchase) have the brightest orange yolks and are the tastiest you have ever eaten.

Learn about Natural and Organic Means of Starting and Growing a Large Variety of Vegetables
Grower will share with you techniques and show you how they start and grow a large variety of vegetables that they sell at the various local farmer markets. You will tour their greenhouse and their extensive horse plowed vegetable garden. Fresh vegetables are avialable for purchase.

Learn about Community Supported Agriculture
The Farm offers cooperative style community participation in their farm. Members of their cooperative pay an annual fee or trade work for large supplies of fresh vegetables.

Decorate a Flower Pot and Take Home a Seedling
Decorate a flower pot with paints and other craft supplies. Plant an edible seedling and take it home to grow.

Experience Mini Team Survivor
A truly exciting and stimulating survival scenario game. Can your tribe work together and follow directions, solve clues, navagate cross country, set up a camp, develop a myth and survive?

Yoga in Nature
Try a yoga class down by the farm pond. Relax and rejuvenate .


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Call All Earth Eco Tours at
301-746-4083 or 1-800-446-7554 for program details.

Standard Organic Farm Tours are $20 per person~
with a minimum $200 Guide Fee. Tour time is 3 hours.
Schedule almost anytime. Full day multi-activitiy programs for large groups require a customized proposal. Call us to discuss your groups needs.

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